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The darkness prevailed

 15 Spring 549 (17 February 2003)

  • Puh.. there was a huge fight yesterday, but this story has to wait a bit. For now I can report from some nice hunts I happened to be part of! Here we were doing the standard tour - LP, TGBG (which we skipped because we could not kill the trees *grrr*) and RC! At lilly pond a spawn of mahas brought us a little to the edge, but we all made it out! And in the rocky cavern I became kudzu again as I tried to lure some of the six grey wyrms away. Yikes!
Part of the usual tour...
  • Well, some days later I hunted with a small group devils isle, as we heard about big trouble in the dark chamber. As we headed there we noticed a huge crowd of exiles gathering for a rescue of the ethereal plane. I got a little bit excited and lost my group and ended up being in the middle of the scarmis hive! But Zorton lead the group without trouble through the garden maze beyond the hive and we arrived in a zordiac circle.
EP mob rescue breaking through scarmis!
  • Within the circle a small group held the ethereal critters at bay while we others went outside and lured them one by one until we had the snell cleared. We proceeded to the tower where some long fallens cheered at our success! Almost all fallens could be saved, but while trying to get the last it turned out badly. A lot of the rescuers were fallen as I had to retreat because the library called - I hope in the end all got out in one piece!
Almost there and cleaning up.
  • Some massively easier hunting was found down in the undine cavern. I brought An-yuh and Del'Arus down there to get some experience - only to find that the Winds of Dawn had a newbie hunt going on too! We joined forces and were quite successful in kicking some undine butt! 8)
    Kiriel suggested that we should enter the dark cave, where we became a bit lost at first. Rahjas even lighted a fire, but it was not bright enough - the darkness is magical I presume... Still, all got out of course, thanks folks for a fun hunt!
Bricking until the lights went out!

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