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This is the story of Hor:

(Portrait © by Kathlene)
I was born, not long ago, in a world far away. I barely remember my parents, but sometimes I do see their kind faces in my dreams. And I do dream a lot! I am a fen after all. We need our sleep!

But soon I did learn that just dreaming is not the right way for me...

Nobody could tell me what happened to my parents, just that I was found as young kitten on some doorstep in a town called Edaria. Yes - I am also one of them... the edarians - but more of that later. My new parents were proud warriors who took me under their guidance. Much I learned, much I suffered, but at last I became a respected citizen of Edaria and happily hunted the vast areas surrounding town. It took not long and I was familiar with a lots of places in the world of Alchera. A lot of stories could be told and many adventures remembered... but destiny decided otherwise.

One day I sensed something strange.. even fearsome. A bad feeling crept down my spine. Soon the earth started to rumble, as I heard frightful calls from town, while the sky turned black within minutes. I rushed to my friends just in time to see that our wizards created a gateway right on the Edarian townsquare. Nobody seemed to know what exactly was happening, but everyone urged to haste.

"Leave this place! There is nothing we can do..." I was told. Without being able to pack and to look for my friends, I was pushed through the gate...the air had become thick and putrid in town - "Fresh air!" was my first and only thought as I arrived on the other side, passing out immediately.

I am not sure what happenend next, but I awoke somewhere... my head hurt, but I was alive! Weak, hungry and most of my memories gone. Hearing some groans around me, I realized that I was not the only one who did make it - it was sadful to learn that I won't see a lot of my good friends ever again. Just some did arrive, like me, on a small isle in the Lok'groton island chain - A place I never had heard of before.

Gathering up we soon were found by some locals who were so friendly to let us into their outpost town Puddleby.

A lot has changed since then - sometimes I still try to remember more of my old homeworld, wondering what did cause the desaster. But one has to move on and so I did choose the path of the warrior again. It's painful to have to learn so much again - things I knew before, but felt wrong in this world. The edarian survivors founded a clan, the Edarian Alliance - it's nice to have a family again.

Now I feel at home in Puddleby and found many new friends! My training progresses well and in my heart I can still feel the ways of Alchera... forever.

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