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42. Svobi from Vienna ( 2005-02-16 18:56:10 CET
Nice Page

greets svobi

41. god 2004-12-16 17:31:05 CET
i think that everyone needs to settle down and tell me how to join this thing.. e.e;;;; it's bloody annoying to see this stuff adn i dunno what to do to join!

40. Aqua ( 2004-02-28 17:51:11 CET
And here it comes:

We gonna meet again!
See you "soon"!

39. Ayudo from Edaria ( 2003-11-19 21:03:59 CET
Well, well, well.
Very nice site - I still keep reading ;-)
See you in Edaria - whereever that might be.

38. Mestoph 2003-06-24 22:46:03 CET
Heya Hor

Besten Dank noch mal :o) vielleicht bis bald in CL

37. Aqua from Alice Springs ( 2003-06-23 10:50:25 CET
Who the f*** is Alice... Springs?
Somewhere in dreamland was once a city...
Greetings from Autralia!

36. Maní ( 2003-05-24 02:45:17 CET
Still adventuring in Peru. Found a new cure to many problems: Drink Coca-Tea!

Visit for more information (in edarian dialect)

35. Maní 2003-05-13 00:03:20 CET

greetings from Maní who is on a dangerous trip to a freign island to learn new healer tricks. I'm right now in Bogotá (Colombia) and will leave soon to Lima (Perú).
Al people who speak the edarian dialect are invited to visit

34. Aqua from Edaria ( 2003-01-26 20:59:50 CET
I like this page!

Greetings from Edarian Purgatory

33. Konoko 2002-11-23 17:51:27 CET
I think someone unbiased needs to go over your scientific data!
It's a close race between Sillyvan and parrot with Sillyvan getting the nod for first place. But that's followed closely by parrot, and then carrot. Then in a distant 4th, is kitty.

That's the way the tests worked for me anyways... :)


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