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Back from orga camp!

 85 Autumn 546 (30 July 2002)

  • I am back! Sorry folks for the delay of my current update, but I have been away for some days. Actually I was not only away, but at the Orga Camping: Episode II in Berlin, Germany! Stay tuned for the reports and pictures "soon" 8)

    But for now you will have to see what I adventured before the camping in OC2. Like as I went with Catweazle, Panos and Kishi into Janner's Groove! Last time I was there I had big problems with staying alive, but now the hordes of ferals did not even leave a scratch. Wow, I am getting really powerful *chuckle* 8)

      Good that I passed already the 2nd circle test!
      • To push up the challenge a bit we continued to see if there is something to do at the tree giant breeding grounds. At first it seems not to bad, but in the end we vanquished about five trees. Yay! (But don't tell the forester about that!!)
      Kishi was proven wrong very soon later...
        Having enough of the coldish northen areas I went with another nice group down to savannah again. Hunting with Farhope is always nice, she is just so incredible tough. Talin and Vata as healer backup and we were almost invincible! 8)

      Little Farhope was hard some hard bite!
      • Then we got ambushed by a large sand worm in the mids of savannah! The poor thing must have gotten lost - we were to nice enough to relieve it of its pain! It's big brother however was not so friendly. Down in the dunes we were healing up as it jumped out of the corner, just to kill Vata and then it fled back east! Yikes! It was quite exciting, but in the end we had Vata revenged and chained her back to town!
      LSW-Hunting: Nice for Vata to wait until the lazy fighters are done! 8)
      • Somewhat later I was sitting in town and pondering about what to do. Some asking around I got a nice group together and we went to see what's up in noids. Of course it was busy, so we decided to visit crawlers revenge, because all of us were not there for a long time. Well, it was fun - 3 wyrms and 2 large sand worms gave us a hell of a time! We got the worms, but after a lot of pushing, running, yelling and chaining we gave up... lucky them! Next time we come back we will be way stronger!

      Crawlers Revenge felt more like Wymrs Revenge!
      • I spared you with stories about skinning for quite a while now, so time for some nice occurance in south forest. A pack of artaks with their bolok leader wanted me for lunch - but I rather enjoyed their equal nice furs. Nice coinage for 10 seconds of fighting 8)

      Three in a row... 7 is my lucky number?

        posted 2002-07-30 13:45:55 CET - Add a comment [Viewed 2208 times]

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