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 06 Winter 547 (01 August 2002)

  • Hello! I had promised last time to tell more of the Orga Camping I have been recently! Well, it took place at a small camping site in Berlin, Germany and iolaus was our big orga! Many thanks to him for organizing and doing all the work! 8)

    Attendees were iolaus, Sonja, nada, Gent, Como, Mani, Sokrates, Aposchtolli, Gerb, Tifa, Leos (Yay! He came over from the US!), Catweazle, DeWebba and Hor. Quite a lot of these are actually in Puddleby from time to time, so please say hello to them! 8)

Yikes! We got a visit by a fire walker!

  • Well, after so much partying let's not forget our real roots! Hunting it is! Like at that time I was with Habba, Dongle and Catweazle looking for furs!

Ok, volunteers to front!
  • We did really ok for a while, but then the situation got a bit tight. Dongle was fallen and I did try to lure the beasts away to get him a free push! Pity was that I needed then the pushing. Thanks Habba, that Detha finally paid off? 8)

Ups, you didn't see that, right!?
  • Even hunting can get boring after a while, so I looked around for new toys to play with! Here you can buy Whatzit items for only 25 coins. These are actually only trash things, but they look amazingly like anything you want! I still hope to use them cleverly to avoid next times bath! 8)

  • Do you remember the cute lady nada who recently arrived in our lands? We took her on a really nice hunt down into the south forest! With Kaitlyn and Sokrates as healers we were able get her a lot of vanquishes. Yay! We dared even to take her further into the savannah! The journey through marsh got a little tricky, but in the end we had gathered a bit more reeinforcements and did very well!
Having an easy day!
  • A bit later I went with Frucy (always keep her distracted from bathing!) to the new bear caves to look for a fallen Nurg! Oga! We were happy as he joined us and we did get very good coinage! Yay!
    And even later we found out that nada finally got rid of her cloak to reveal a stunning zo-lady! Wooh! Together with Gady I took her and a bit silent new healer named Alderan to south forest again, where we had a pretty exciting time! *chuckle* Also big thanks to Ahh who did help us out for a while, too! (No wonder, with a zo lady in our party 8)
Head over heals!

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