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Been at Melabrion's!

 19 Winter 547 (04 August 2002)

  • I was very lucky lately - Frucy was not able to bathe me and CJ were also a bit busy. Yay! However I think my luck will run out soon, so it's not fun when Kalian starts to tease me too! 8)

Yikes! Kalian too!
  • Some minutes later - as we all got tired - we had started a "Yellow-Club". Frucy was not amused because she was locked out.. She tried to show us her white clothes, but we are not to fool easily! *chuckle*. (We all did enjoy her changing clothes in front of us, though! 8)
Sorry, for members only!
  • Well, enough of town center! Have you heard that recently a new isle was discovered! It's the homeland of Melabrion, one of the lunatic Brion-Brothers which do bother us exiles all the time...
    Because I want to visit that place too, I had asked Hista to show me the way! We arrived safely and found two groups that where already hunting that place. I was happy enough to be allowed to join one...

Going for Melabrion's Isle!
  • This isle seems to be mostly a big pass area where in the middle of it the castle of Melabrion sits. In front of the castle we found several wussy guards and some strange thing, which looked like a walking turd! Yikes! I was killed by it quickly, so I learned this was a Mud Golem.

Ohhh...and it does not even smell! 8)
  • Needless to say that almost our whole party got deep into trouble. The rescue came quickly but some more fell in front of the castle later. In the end we had several golems and a lot of wendies inside... luckily with Kiri as expert chainer we could get our fallens in no time. (And letting the Golems live.. *sigh*)

Taking a deep breath and going in!
  • Well, all fallens were up and we thought about our next steps as suddenly an Angry Mother Sasquatch attacked! Waaaah! I never had seen one myself, and these are really frightful. Huge and loud and throwing rocks! Because we failed to hit it properly we had an orderly retreat and waited to get some accuracy boosts by our premium mystic Sutai.

Please all concentrate now...
  • Wooh! With Sutai's boost I was so full of concentration that I almost could no more swing at all! We did rush the big sasquatch and pinned it down. It did provide a fierce fight with killing a lot of our group, but in the end we got it! Yay! And guess what? Hor did even tag *grin* 8)
    That was some really exciting adventure. Thanks all for letting me be a part of it - I look forward to fall on that isle again soon! *chuckle*

C'mon guys! Kill it already!!

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