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 47 Autumn 547 (11 August 2002)

  • Because I still suck a lot at the 3rd fighter test I had to go somewhere to get rid of the frustration! Lilly pond is always a premium choice - and this time I really hit that stuff. Tardalus did some great luring 8)

Another fun thing to hunt on lilly pond!
  • Soon I had enough of leeches and went to kill rats and vermines in the north western forest! Yay! Going up the ladder *chuckle*. Hepta didn't mind at all and we soon had her running again! Please be more careful! 8)

It's the small things that count!
    Going home from the NWF I heard about little a little bolok problem in the highlands. I was close, so I risked a peek and stumbled over a nice group who was helping a cute new exile Echidna. She listened with big eyes as Ducktape told her about the rest of the huge bad world surrounding us!

Ducktape is definitly right about this..
  • I stayed a bit with that group and we did show Echidna the undine hut and a bit of south forest. It was quite fun - I had to leave soon, but as the trool suggested they went to kitty beach! Fun place!

And listen to trools!
  • Well, after so lot small things, it was time to go after bigger stuff again. Lilly pond provided a nice collection and with a strong group like that we met no further resistance! Yay!
  • At a meeting with my ex-edarian friends we started to bully that lunatic trool chief to show him who the real boss is! However it seemed not to be very impressed and continued to insult poor Dongle. We left him then alone and told him to get a life (The Trool, not Dongle of course!)

Again..wise words?
  • At first Dongle and van de Koll objected to go to Savannah without a healer, but I persuaded them after all. And we did really great - a lot of nice furs and not really dangerous. As Mani came the long way from town to join us, we seemingly got a little careless. Soon we were all fallen and had to wait some considerable time for rescue. Baah! 8)

Aehmm... strange things do happen..

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