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 62 Winter 547 (15 August 2002)

  • As so often I joined a rescue in Noids. And we were successful again! But not all left afterwards, a nice small group decided to hunt on together and we went to the rocky cavern. Partly thanks to the incredible punch of Thorin the wyrms stood no chance. Where to go next?? Hmmm....

Not that it helped much, though...
  • Well, we went to the savannah and I had the pleasure to witness an increasing disturbing discussion between Strinkfist and Thorin. It's absolutely impossible to publish some of the stuff I overheard there! 8)
Hunting-Etiquettes..who needs 'em?
  • Not all dorfs are so verbally challenging and so I visited with Eisenbieger the new bear caverns in a much more nicer way 8). We had several close shaves and in the end Eisen went down... the rescue brought us Sengir and Panos and we continued to clear out that place together! And that was quite fun! Thanks!
Nice and exciting!
  • Ah yes... I still don't get what people like on bathing? Frucy still tries to make me wet everytime she is seeing me and other exiles are picking up that dreadful habit too! Here she is advising Talin to jump at each chance to bathe me when I should fall... *shiver*

Remember: Never fall near water!
  • Here we found a tree giant all alone in the north western forest. Because we all were just 2nd circle fighters we were not really able to harm it. Luckily strong Viviana had a shiny dagger - so in the end it went down! *chuckle*. Then we went to Crawlers Revenge and were able to vanq a blood wyrm too!! Yay! (Btw, Taurobar passed 3rd by now, big congrats!)
High 2nd-Circle hunt!
  • We all know about Sor's addiction? To chain monster corpses to town for a big show-off? Well, looks like Mjollnir took on that strange habit! At the end of a noids hunt he started to chain all different types of noids that are common there. It took us a while to find him a complete set, but he was very proud indeed to boast with it in town! 8)

Home improvement?

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