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 88 Winter 547 (21 August 2002)

  • There is a new stylish club in town! The Edarian Hunt Club! Founded by Larno and Dongle this is an open group to go hunting and exploring while using the edarian mother tongue. Everyone is welcome, as long he does not mind to listen to german 8)
  • We gathered at our secret meeting point somewhere in town and after all arrived we decided to do our premiere hunt on devils isle!
    We visited the zerkwooks, most of the interesting caves and because we did not yet felt challenged enough we thought about a better destination... Tenebrions Isle!

Welcome to the Hunt Club! This is how we started!
  • We reached the keep and dealt with the knights easily. Even some dark knights were vanquished! Yay! In our blood lust we were foolish enough to enter the zordiac maze under the castle...
    There you have to be very careful not to fall "out", because that disrupts the group and all will get into deep trouble. Well... exactly that happend..due some bad luck we were seperated from Taurobar and fell within minutes while trying to rescue him. Just Viviana had the guts to escape and she organized some marvelous rescue! Thanks all! If you ask me, I think the first EHC hunt was a big success 8)

And this was the the rescue came! 8)
  • Even sleeping in town teaches a lowbrow fen a lot of things about life. Like that time as I overheard how some pretty healers advertise their craft! *chuckle*

Listen and learn...
  • Sleeping in town also sometimes gets fighters a job.. A help call arrived via sunstone that there were several fallen mystics on Melabrions Isle. The mob immediately went there to help. Kalian took the lead and showed us the back entrance to the keep...

Ok, Kalian got the key for the backdoor!
  • We entered the keep without problems and found a bunch of guarding golems near the exits. Our group scattered and then we had to run for our lives! We made it out of the keep but lost our strong fighter support. Hearing about people falling while not being able to help was not fun, so we tried to join with the coming rescue. Unfortunately we found instead about nine young sasquatches!
    It took a while but in the end all arrived savely back in town. Sorry for the trouble, but it was fun 8)

The front exit was a bit more busy...
  • After so much lying around it was time to go coin hunting again. Kalian asked me if I wanted to join him on a quick savannah run. And we found a lot of furs! At one time we were attacked by a seemingly endless stream of kitties! Yay! It was close, but we got em all 8)

The call for furs worked very well!
  • Well, as seen on a hunt in the new bear caverns some time later ... I think we scared all the bears in around a mile distance to death by yelling all at the same time 8) J'nder found us without problem! *chuckle*

How to make sure to get noticed...

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