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 31 Spring 547 (29 August 2002)

  • Welcome to a brand new report! Todays exciting sceneries just happened yesterday! Usually I keep a backlog of accumulated stories, so stuff published here is often like a week old. I hope you forgive me when I am skipping ahead this time - stay tuned for my usual adventures of lilly pond, savannah and bathing next time! 8)

    Anyway, as I stepped out of the library yesterday there was already the heavy smell of an upcoming storm in the air! We all know these chaos storms make people lightheaded and careless and causing hunting trips that are considered upright stupid normally. So I learned that a lot of folks already travelled to the first level of the Abyss to try their luck there! (By the way, presumable noone ever found the second level yet...Yikes!)
    Never been in the Abyss I jumped at the opportunity and a small group started from town to join the fun! Jkleh, iolaus, Kromolux, Vata and me rowed to Ash Island and entered the Dark Temple. Inside you have to follow a blood-path to find the Astral Plane which contains the portal to the Abyss. Complicated, huh? 8)

On the way to certain doom!
  • Some folks in our party were bit clumsy and fell of the blood-path! They were punished with a lava bath at once! I hope they do believe me now that bathing really is harmful...
    J'jh arrived in the meantime and together with her we tried to find a way to get the lava pool fallens. Running out of the temple we had the fun to find a Greater Death floating in our way! Yay! Never seen one of them so close.. A little advise: Running is useless..
    But we were rescued quite swiftly! Thanks to Iho, Spirit and the others! With so much healing power we hopped happily down to the lava pool, too!

Another senseless bathing trip..
  • It took a while but after a lot of chaining and pushing we had all pool guests up again! A lot more exiles had arrived by now and we were a pretty sizeable group. I could even help in the killing of a Liche! Wooh.. very exciting! 8)
    After some more visits (some people continued to fell of the blood-path, right io? 8) to the lava pool, we finally made it into the Astral Plane! The entrance to the Abyss was hidden within the reddish cloud... just one more step...
Gathering power for the big party! 8)
  • Well.. we sent in Mephisto first to run stuff a bit out of the way. The plan was to enter and chain as many fallens as possible. Reports talked of at least ten fallens inside! Funny thing is that about ten seconds later there were twelve additional fallens now! 8)
    We had no chance. A lot folks died on entering the cave itself because they popped out over a lava pool and others were trapped so fast that no movement was possible. I managed to run a bit and almost reached the center of the white cloud where is the exit. Darn. All we could do was wait for the approaching storm and make fun of the other heroes who were entering the Abyss too. 8)

- no comment -
  • We all were very relieved as the chaos storm hit us at last and blew us back to the temple in town. Amazing how powerful some hurricanes can be! Lucky for us, because that saved us a certain depart. It was fun to see all the fallens appearing around me! It got very crowed inside quickly. Some of the fallens were a challenge for our horus healers, because being grilled over extended periods of time is not very healthy. I was only mangled and in the end all were raised. Yay! What a trip! If you ever go there again, please tell me! (So I can avoid that hunt *chuckle* 8)
    Thanks all for the fiery adventure!

Oh wonderous storm! It blew us home!

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