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 43 Spring 547 (01 September 2002)

  • Welcome again! I have been on a little hunt with a bunch of my edarian (and related) friends! Nothing special to report, just do admire again iolaus' skill of chaining some unfortunate folks out of the pod forest and a small encounter with a sun wyrm. Needless to say that we were merciful and let it life. *chuckle*
Hunting edarian style!
  • At another time there was a fallen supposingly down in the north forest and some folks went there to take a look! I did only find a trapped Eisenbieger and soon also a fallen Hor 8). I dunno where all the ferals came from all of a sudden! Yikes!

So much about that rescue! 8)
  • After having enough of trees for a while, I joined Farhope and D'nah for a quick tour to Greymyr village! It's a place I usually avoid, because I can hardly hit the greys and it's easy to fall really bad! We saw a lot of them that day and were able to almost get back to mid pass as D'nah were hit spot on by two rocks! Farhope chained her but we all were rushed by a wendie spawn... Thanks to all who came to help! (D'nah required a trip to town, of course..)
Why not to get rocked...
  • On another quiet day sitting in town, I learned that a bunch of mystics decided to have some fun at their own and went to Thieves Island for a little fighting competition! Naturally I went there to see what they were doing. The rules were simple - the Full Mystics against the Journeymen and Apprentices! First a round with boosting each other and then without boosts.
Now we know what mystics do for fun!
  • Well... the FMs had no chance! All their mental power did not help them - the others having more numbers did simply count. Lundar was even trying to chain the fallens to have a portable shield, but even that did not help much. Congrats to the JMs and AMs! Of course killing your superiors will not help with that promotion, I guess *chuckle* 8)

Go Lundar!
  • Woot! Hotties spotted in town! 8) I have to admit that Tifa and Geneva have a great feeling for style! No wonder the halflings only could stare and drop clever comments *grin*.

    Gerb is just jealous! 8)

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