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Foothills? Where the heck are these?

 72 Spring 547 (08 September 2002)

  • Woooh! Today it's a very long report. I am sorry for the wait that might be involved to read it completely, but I did really enjoy that trip, that brought me to the farthest place I have ever been so far! I was lucky to be invited to a trip to the foothills! Yay!
    We gathered at the meadow and received some instructions from Yor. I made some notes, but somehow lost them later on.... uhh. From the meadow we rushed through the Orga Camp and reached even Hatred Hollow in record time! Using kudzu trapped some Hatreds, we did not have the time to kill yet and were able to be through HH within a puddlehour! (Last time I was at HH it took us like half a day!)
From the briefing into the action!
  • Beyond Hatred Hollow we rushed into the trainers grotto (called that because there are several 3rd circle fighter trainers exiled there) and took some breath. Now I was told we could either fight our way through Dred Passage (supposedly not nice) or utilize Zortons Orga Stone, which has the power to teleport some exiles over a little distance. The problem with the teleporting is that, that Zorton can only transport exiles that share with and touch him! We were way to many to do that, so we used a loop hole called chains! Some of us had to fall and get chained so we could endure the porting to the foothills!

Using an Orga Stone...
  • As we arrived we quickly healed up and started our trek into the narrow and winding paths of the hills. There we found a lot midnight wendies, which had a surprisingly nice fur! I need to start study with Ms. Skea soon again, so I might be more useful in that department.
    Also Led made me blush as he mentioned this very journal. Thanks 8)
I'd rather skinned than giving autographs 8)
  • We proceeded quickly! I was very confused and lost my way. All I could do was to follow and watch! (Well, and skin occasionally 8)

More furs trying to stop us!
  • After some hidden paths we were through the hills! A nice and peacefully place called Camp Dred awaited us. It reminded me a bit of the snaggle wood, but had some really fierce inhabitants. Rages attacked us in packs, a lot of warlocks bolted us constantly and we had a hell of a time! Yay! Fun! 8)
    This time we run into a Hatred again, which took us some minutes to kill but rewarded us with a 800 coin chest! Very impressive! And a nice share even for little Hor! (I was the weakest fighter on that hunt, one more reason to be proud! 8)

Arriving in Camp Dred - nice chests to find there!
  • Next we went to see some trees and I was shown the Redwood Glade! There we were greeted with a bunch of Ash Giants (never saw one of them before!) and felled all of them with a lot of effort! Once we cleared that place we lined up for a game of Uli lottery. Another tree showed up to play too! But it did not win, Taurobar did! Congrats for that fresh Uli flower 8)
Playing games in the Redwood Glade.
  • I had not the opportunity to see a lot of the tourist attractions near Camp Dred because we were soon ambushed by a lot of warlocks! I fell quickly and the most of the rest of the party soon after. Luckily some survived and with some extraordinary chain action it was possible to get everyone! Wooh!
    Because some of us where fallen beyond the horus ability of our healers we decided to chain them back to town. Time to retreat and I volunteered to do the chaining... I was not a big addition to the fighting anyway. We almost made it back all the way... one more snell to the exit I was told. Frustration hit us as we run into a spawn of like 30 midnight wendies! Within some minutes all of our party was erradicated and we decided to depart. This was only my second depart, but it was worth it! Many thanks I could be part of that journey. I look forward for another tour 8)
Preparing to go home - unsuccessfully...

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