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 84 Spring 547 (11 September 2002)

  • Welcome to another update of my scrolls! I remember fondly the time I went hunting with Kishi and Cyberbeing! Cyber is infected with the lyfedelis... an illness which transforms him into a lyfe at night. Quite scary! Luckily he did not bite me - that job was well done by that drake we found in the pods area! We had to allow to let it get away - next time big boy!

Pods'n Drake?
  • Well, not always I am the one at the lower end of the chain. I did find iolaus all alone in tanglewood and gave him a little tour. An "iolaus-onna-chain" seems to bring good fortune, because I stumbled over an uli flower at meadow! Yay, thx! 8)

Yay! Flowers are not only for ladies!
  • Later I went to lilly pond with a fun group! There we got a little pounding by a pack of cave mahas, while one of them threw me back into the swamp in a big arc! Damn it! At least it amused my fellows to some extent. 8)

Artistic performance?
  • Enough of the usual hunting grounds of mine! The Edarian Hunting Club assembled again and we decided to go to Melabrions Isle! We were lucky that place was busy with another group - so we utilized Abe's pass key to get into the back door and went to the mines instead! We had some fierce fighting going on as luck left us. Abe and me were all left standing - and I was standing in the middle of my fallen friends. Trapped, but safe for now. Luckily Tara, Sushi and Mork came to help and after a while we could continue our hunt with some considerable extra strenght! 8)
The forth EHC hunt!
  • Now we had no more problems with the cave cobras and the rippers - we challenged the Tok'hans instead! These big snakelike people were very hard. I couldn't even hit them... *sigh*. Because they kept to kill us, we had to retreat at some point. It was time for library then, so some of us left the hunt. I hope it went on successfully! Many thanks for the help!

Overpowered by Toks
  • After that much group action I thought it was time again to went to some coin hunting. Northwestern forest looked very promising that day! A lot of nice boloks and artaks around - but stupid Hor let himself get trapped and fall. Another reminder to be more careful next time!

Unhealthy solo hunting
  • Well, last thing for today is a visit of our loved Gamemistress Ann in the fairgrounds! There was a discussion on about how to guide new exiles best to find their ways at the beginning. Unfortunately our interesting talk was disturbed by some crashing meteors! Both hit Ann squarely on her hat! And the debris hurted all exiles around her! Yikes! Time to get a hat for myself, too? 8)


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