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 11 Summer 547 (15 September 2002)

  • Hello, welcome again! I've been to a nice small clanhunt lately. The Edarians find rarely together for hunts, but at that time all in the lands joined for a raid on devils isle! Yay!
    We hunted through the zerk woods and went close to the lava cave. There we found a lava walker we could not even hit... bad luck, we had to go home burned and disappointed. Dooh.
Edarian power!
  • As I was sitting in town to wait for some action, I was asked by an ongoing mystic apprentice if I could help him to reach a secret place beyond the passes. I agreed and Togoto joined us too. It required us two tries because the first time both Togo and Duncan were rocked badly. The second run we were able to reach that cave, where Duncan did something mystics usually do. He fell 8) Both with Togo (sadly he didn't made it so far) and Duncan on the chain I headed home... still I have no idea if that trip was a success.. at least it was very exciting 8)

Hot grip?
  • Much more successful was the next gathering of the Edarian Hunt Club! Our group decided to try the basement of Fat Alice's home! We had a nice battle against a megamouth and some balthoises and we met inside several stinging beatles and cave cobras! Yikes!
Uninvited at Fat Alice's?
  • Basically all we did for a while was rushing in, rescue a person and loosing another. Repeat that several times 8). Luckily Natas and Sephiroth came to brick for us a bit... with their help we had the situation soon under control.

Clearing up the basement
  • We found Fat Alice hiding behind some book shelves - and she was not to pleased about that! Still she happily accepted my coins as I asked her about a catsbane necklace. Yay! I worked a long time for that one! It should protect me from illness, should I ever be invited to a Kizmia Island hunt! *hint hint* 8)

And doing some shopping!
  • We proceeded next to the dark chamber, which is a great place to gain experience! However this time we had a big problem right at the beginning - the entrance was packed with wailing spirits and greater wraths. Even the rescue (Jo and Marko) fell within moments! The EHC is very thankful for the second rescue, which did actually work perfectly 8)

Dark Chamber like we know it...

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