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Wooh, what a dream!

 23 Summer 547 (18 September 2002)

  • I had a really scary dream last week! Image a time where everything is possible, everything is allowed and no strings attached! A day where everything you are doing has no consequences... Sounds ridiculous, but still it seemed to happen.
    Folks in town gathered in anticipation for a nearing storm full of illusions. To pass the time some artistic efforts were done to entertain the crowd. Yay!

Something odd in the air..
  • Suddenly there was a rumble and it started! A Wild Thursday awaited the exiles - a time of chaos, jokes and confusion. And it was wild indeed! 8)

Yikes! It has begun!
  • Because "nothing counts", we could depart at will and venture into areas to deadly for the sane mind! Several mirrors led to various places, including the dreaded abyss!

We found fire...
  • Also town was under constant attack! We saw fire rat swarms, black widows, greymyrs, greater deaths, cows and sheep! And lot of other stuff that could kill you with a single hit! Yikes! Basically the exiles rushed out of the temple, did fall, departed back to the temple and it started anew 8)

Lots of invasions...
  • One of the mirrors in town led to the ethereal plane - nice to be reminded to avoid that place for the future. I tried to run as far as possible there, but there was no way to get far....dooh.

Even more of undead...
  • Something much more discomforting were the rune sticks some folks found! Somehow they could be used to create small rain showers. I guess someone thought it was funny to make me wet! Waaaaaaaah! It's true my last bath was not really recently, but thats just not nice! *shiver*

Almost a bath...
  • Well, the quickest way to get dry again was to put myself on fire! Some flaming sheep did help with that, too! Also it has to be noted that chains did prove to be very robust that day! I have seen some very impressive chain runs - pity that this is gone now...

Yet again fire...
  • Later we were provided with costumes! That was fun! Some bunch of clicking volcrons or flagged thooms... but most impressive were the ladies wearing nothing but bikinis! (But I have to work to remove the mental picture of Malkor wearing one, too! *yikes*)
    Still that was an amazing day! I wonder if there will ever be such an event again... we will see!

And bikinis! Yay!
  • And if you want see too, just download that archive containing two visionstones, showing some action! [Visionstone: 375k]

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