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A new business opportunity?

 39 Summer 547 (22 September 2002)

  • Hello all! Welcome to some new adventures. Like the one we had down in the dunes as our group was hunted down by a VERY fierce sand worm! We thought that we were well powered to hunt some LSW - and we did very well - until we found that particular one! It even killed the first rescue wave... we had to wait a bit for more healers and fighters to get it toasted! Yay! Can you believe that I did not even tag it? *sigh*

Playtime in the dunes!
  • Well, the next time I was not the one to be rescued, but part of the rescue itself! That's also quite nice 8). We gathered at the entrance to the chamelopod forest and rushed in to help several exiles who were fallen in the most farthest snell. Thanks all, that worked out very well!

Big rescue for Pods
  • You might have heard already - a new business seemed to have opened in town! Some might think that's always a good idea... but in this case? Aehm. Well, look at the pictures... Maybe very nice for some folks, but I for myself will pass gladly *chuckle*.
Oh my! A new business opened in town?
  • As I hurried from town with a red head I went to join some fun at the tree giant breeding grounds! There we found several oak giants and foxweirs. Luckily Michael dropped by, too. No more troubles for us then 8)

Let's go chopping!
  • Some days later the Edarian Hunt Club met again! Our small group decided to go to Devils Isle again - some rage training for Dongle and me! (We should pass the 3rd circle really really "soon" now 8) However, as we roamed the zerkwoods we lost Murur! We splitted up to search for him - stupid Hor found then some cave he never seen before. Of course I went in and found myself in a pitch black room! I bumped my head and fell down. Dooh. Thanks Connie for coming and helping to find me! I would never found out again on my own... scary place!
Yikes! Hunted by rages into the darkness!
  • Conaria persuaded us then to go looking for balthoise in the KI-waters, because DI really bores her! 8) We did not find a single one, but instead a small isle that was packed with large sand worms! We were to weak to attack them at that day, but I guess we will come back for them in a future hunt! We continued then to find some megamouths and even a culcan, which we let merciful live!
    Thanks all for a very nice EHC hunt 8)

Woooh! We will come back for sure!

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