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The 10000 volts day.

 68 Summer 547 (29 September 2002)

  • Hello! Today I have a lot of orgas to offer! But first we were on a nice hunt at lilly pond! Large sand worms are still so fun! This one liked Leos in particular. Waiting for the second healer is not so bad at such a nice beach. 8)

One second before Leos' fall.
  • I awoke in the lib only to hear about a lot of orga action north of meadow! I was told the invasion started east of town, but the orgas were forced back to the tanglewood quickly. We exiles built our base at meadow and cleared with a lot of effort the northern snell! Next we heard about a big spawn of spites south of us! Yikes! Spites are a skinny version of the common orga, but they hit very hard and are hard to hit.
Orga trouble about to begin!
  • Next we had a fierce battle to regain the snell east of meadow. It was quite bad there, but because we had now a lot of powerful exiles we could clear it without to much casualities. However, as we peeked in the snell north of there (very close to the first orga camp), we were greeted heartily by 10000 volts! Dooh!

Lighting conductor anyone?
  • We rushed in, fell and chained out the fallens. But usually we just rushed and fell. And then waited for some rescue, which fell themselves quickly. But if you were lucky some orga came and kicked you out! I think they did not like all the exiles bleeding at their ground.
    While recovering I overheard what might be the reason for the attack itself? Bad Lundar! *chuckle* 8)

Something to think about?
  • Well...a picture shows more then a thousand words! Even more when the pictures shows a thousand orgas! Yikes! At that point I was lucky, because after that quick peek I could leave only slightly burned. But of course other peeks followed where I was not that lucky. The odds were overwhelming...we all doubted we could make it at all...

Now all we need is some free beer.
    As I thought everything is lost, something amazing happened! K'Pyn had a plan! He started to organize our strikes against the orgas! We created three groups which had to strike one after the other! I was proud to be a member of TKA (Team Kicks Ass!) under the leadership of Jo Ma'ril. And it did really work! Each group killed some orgas and retreated. We repeated that serveral times and in the end we could defeat them! Wow! Another proof of brains beating pure muscle! (But it helps if the brains are attached to a lot of muscle, too!)
    Next we took the orga camp itself, but that was no longer really difficult. Thanks folks! Won't forget that action for a while! 8)
    I made some movies, so you can witness that slaughter yourself: [Visionstone: 229k]

We got a plan!
  • After so much orga smell we took a break down in the savannah! Well, what to say... Dongle bit the dust again. Of course we all had some good advise 8)

A typical hunting situation. 8)

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