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 73 Winter 549 (09 February 2003)

  • Yay! I was invited to help with a mob rescue of Kishi and Koji, who somehow got lost right in die middle of the orga village! Beats me what they wanted to do there.. 8)
    We started out from meadow and quickly arrived at Hatred Hollow. We found some fierce resistance, but our experienced rodding dealt with that right away. Then we followed Kiri all the way through the orga outback and were able to raise the lost fighters. Wooh! 8)
Rescue trip all the way to the orga village!
  • Usually the way home from from OV is very easy. There is some very well hidden path that brings you back right into the first orga camp. But this time it was different - as we cleared out the orga village we had heard already disturbing news about our town being invaded by huge orga forces! No wonder OV was so empty... looks like we got tricked! And as we reached the orga camp we run right into another trap. We were erradicated within seconds. All we could do was wait several hours for help as our friends were engaged in battle. Dooh... in the end we won, of course! 8)
The way back proved to be a greater challenge.
  • After that kind of experience it was refreshing to do some simple boring hunting in the north western forests. Well, at least until I was careless for a second and got trapped against some rocks! Praise Troilus, as I was able to survive that even after help arrived! Thanks 8)

The solitude of solo hunting...
  • Having been reminded again that solo hunting might be good for the purse but is not really much fun, I gathered a small group to hunt lilly pond! And it proved to be also very nice for the purse, plus all the fun! Yay! We found over a dozen cave maha ruknee and a lot of swamp ferals, who all waited to be skinned by our forces! Four exiles with a combined skea of about 430 lessons can do really fine there! Archemar even got a 42 coin fur from a swamp feral - highest I ever saw!
And the fun of skinning! Yay to Archemar!
  • Look who was out of the library again! Beliana Darkwood! She is a very nice member of the Edarian Alliance and unfortunately only rarely seen. We had some great fun in the savannah, which we were able to clean out on our own! (Yay kitties! *chuckle*)

No panic! They just want to play!

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