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The battle from the 10th of spring.

 40 Spring 549 (23 February 2003)

  • I am sure you all still remember that huge battle we had with the darkshak about a zordiac ago. Here you find some recollections of what I had to endure that day. There was that threat from a darshak lady called Kiril Drakesblood where we should pay half a million coins or we get "or else". Of course no one thought we have that kind of coins (at least I don't - but I am working on it! 8) and so we prepared for an attack.
    While waiting at the docks for some sign of darshaks, some exiles were already on the edge and we had to stop several disputes. Tara handed out muffins to calm us down a bit. 8)
A long wait built up some tension - but some action was nearby.
  • Then a group run out of patience and started a preemptive strike on ash island. They found a lot of undine and more exiles followed to get a bit of the action. Close to the dark temple a greater death was seen and some sorcerer called Necro pulled in fallens to perform unholy rituals on them! Yikes!
    Our navy gathered at the shores of ash for the rescue... and as we were distracted a huge fleet of warships showed up and attacked Puddleby!

The navy assembled for another strike on ash.
  • The strategy to split our forces was pretty successful. There was a fierce battle at the west gate, but in the end we lost it. Thanks to Elenis almost all exiles got dragged inside town as we retreated. Very impressive! 8)
  • Well, my usefulness proved to be quite limited, so I just helped out in the underground. Showing folks the secret ways under puddleby and chaining fallens to healers kept me busy for a while. Then I concentrated my efforts near the purple tor at first and later I joined the now legendary west-rat-tower-force! A fine band of exiles did a marvelous job there and hit quite a dent into the darshak defences. And I was happy as I could skin a bit, too! 8)
Trying to be useful - I skinned a wolf hound! 8)
  • But it the end I did something heroic..aehm...stupid and tried to rescue some folks that were fallen in south town for hours. I left the west rat tower because it was in capable hands and proceeded underground to the brewery. We could clear it and I started a run south from there! (On the way south Miss Kiril hitted on me, but I simply had no time to show my charms 8). I managed to get some folks on my chain, but a troop of darshak guards decided otherwise. Well - I had a long time to relax then, until our forces managed to decimate the darshak enough so we could get a lift! After I arrived savely in the library again I hid behind a bookshelf and was therefore not able to see the glorious end of the battle. I was told that we won! Yay! I really would hated to see Kiril as my governor... Pfew! Thanks for a very busy day! 8)

Time for extensive street study...

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