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 43 Winter 550 (01 May 2003)

  • Well, hunting like usual again. We started out on some smaller scale and run into some really tough trees in TGBG. The plan was that Elrohir blood blades while I hold the tree. It did not work out. Dooh! 8)

Time for something tougher?
  • So, after noticing that a lot of our Edarian friends were around, we decided to try Melabrions Isle again. Ebony asked if this was an EHC hunt and we had not even thought about that. But she was right! 8)
    We were greeted by a lot of GCP but reached the beach after all. With Elrohirs blood blading and our strong healers we had quite an easy time with the sasquatches.
Hmm.. revival of the Edarian Hunt Club?
  • It went to good for a while - until fate decided to add some challenge and spawned a pack of sas around us. Honestly we should have been able to handle that - but somehow it did go all wrong. Some tries to chain the fallens to safety failed, just as the quick use of kudzu. I ended up to be the lone survivor and tried to gather some help. Big thanks to anyone who came! It took quite a while and was quite chaotic - iolaus and Catweazle even departed to help to get the others. I was very sorry to learn that Rhys and Teffin also had to depart at some point of the rescue. I have no idea why that was necessary, because soon after all were up. I will try to organize such things better next time....
Running into little problems...
  • Something unrelated - I was quite surprised that a simple rock that nobody wanted brought me that many coins in the raffle. Considering that I wanted to throw it on the junkyard instead I am quite happy 8)

Valuable stones!

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