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 85 Winter 550 (11 May 2003)

  • Oh wow, another week has passed! And it's kinda hard to remember what happend. Is it my age already? I still feel young, but all this studying in the library does not improve my shape. 8)
    It did show recently as I was out with Talin and we cleared the lily pond area - the very last large sandworm was a fierce one. Somehow we managed to kill each other at the last blow. Talin found that very funny... dooh...

Mututal knock-out
  • Well, another area to get good coins is Melabrions Isle. Veer had organized a small hunt and the first one to fall was the poor Rincewind. He stood a bit to close the edge of the snell and suddenly two sas popped out. Must been magical attraktion! 8)
    Unfortunately we found only a handful of them and so I headed back to the lib while the others traveled further to check out Noth.

Good thing we protect our mystics! 8)
  • Now the next thing was something outright scary and funny at the same time. Of course we all only imaginated that, but thats the way the fairgrounds work. Eldon had lost one of his little pets and so there was a Pitch-Noid on the loose! Yikes! I never seen one of them closely, so I was going to be thoroughly impressed at the efficiency it slaughtered all the nearby exiles. Foolish me tried to put my blade into it and paid the price. Thanks to Veer for his quick chain - the others needed that as well 8)
Oh my! This must been a bad dream!
  • However, in the end it was finally killed. I heard that mystic Squirrel did the heroic deed and singlehandly tickled it to death 8) Puh - some adventure I can tell you. I know exactly why I am not really fond of spiders. They are almost as bad as bathing!

We woke up pretty fast, though..8)

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