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A rescue, a hunt and a flower

 52 Spring 550 (25 May 2003)

  • It's me again! Yes, I am not fallen yet, even when it does seem that way. No celebrations yet, I will be back eventually! But even now I manage to sneak out of the library for an hour or two in a zordiac. Like on that day where wondrously half of the Edarians were around! And we gathered together to look for poor Hista, who was all alone lost within the fringe.
    And a great rescue it was! The handful of ferals regretted soon to be in our way! Yay! *chuckle*
A major clan rescue! Go Hista! 8)
  • And because all Edarians (and friends) were together we decided to do a quick snaggle hunt. I had to lead again (all this yelling is not good for my voice!) and we swept every single snell. Bones was soon taken and our pathfinders freshened their skills to open Wishers Gate. Despite some of us wanting to have a go at Hatred Hollows (not me!) we went home without much trouble. (Not counting losing Dongle, which is perfectly normal for him and he did not even mind to depart from Orga Villiage.)
  • Some nice touch was as I run through the meadow on my way back to town and found an uli flower! Honestly I did not even saw it until I fell over it. Guess I was half asleep already! 8)

  • Well, as I stepped out of the lib in the middle of the night the other day, I decided to spend some time in the savannah. It was the first time ever I solo hunted there and it went pretty good! I skipped some Mahas because at one point I almost fell, but I managed to get home without help. Arrr! 8)

Another step up in coin-whoring

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