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Jadedly discovery

 31 Summer 550 (11 June 2003)

  • A new storm brought some welcome change! A new hunting ground has been discovered in the middle of the marsh, which turned out to be a very fierce one! We have seen unusual strong noids activities lately, so the cave of the Jade Noids just fits in. Once you enter the area through some rocks you find yourself in a narrow rocky chute. Slippery and dangerous! Just better no falling there, but this is kinda difficult, as the local noids bite very hard and are close impossible to brick.
    So a small group gathered to rescue the group which went in before. Repeat that as often as you like! 8)
Discovery of some new noid cave!
  • We did hold out quite well for a time. Veer took charge and pushed some fallens (Obviously I was one of them! 8) to create a barrier. Now I was able to watch a very tricky plan - Raise the mystic Valtrim just to let him switch place with a fallen fighter. So a fighter could be raised and slowly wack the noids. One at a time, but they kept spawning... In the end strong help came and I was able to peek into the last cave, which has an unusual high spawn ratio. Time to go home quickly! 8)
But we wish it would be soon forgotten!
  • Well, apart from the noids there is always the tree giant breeding ground. Some very concerning fact is that the spriggins are much cleverer now! The little bastards took a lot of coins and are even harder to catch. Dooh - so we went to lily pond to find some new cash. At least that worked out fine! 8)
Much saver hunting in the usual places..

So, excuse me a bit - I have to talk a bit OOC now!

I want to announce that the planning of the Orga Camping III has begun! Please check it out and vote for a date. This will be a big OOC meeting near Munich, Germany in summer. Even non-Edarians are welcome! 8)

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