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 15 Autumn 550 (29 June 2003)

  • Wooh - this was some busy zordiac. I got a lot of high level hunting, earning a lot of coins and experience. Fun fun! 8)
    So a group of some edarians gathered to hunt the KI waters. As we passed by at the cove we found Viola there all alone. With her strong backup we thought we should be able to hunt inside. But - as we are edarians we fell pretty quickly! *blush*. As the rescue arrived we became however much stronger, and jumped at the chance to continue hunting! Thanks to Yor (the wimp? *chuckle*) and the others we did very well!
Bad start, but we got some help! 8)
  • Some of us came to MI after the cove was empty - there we started a little coining contest. Of course I always hope to win, because of my extensive talks with Miss Skea. I started with a pretty decent 38c fur - but lucky Leos made a 42c skin soon after! Next sas yielded a 45c fur, recovered by me! Yay! But then Conaria showed her true skills. A whopping 86c fur! Waaaaaaaah. Congrats, of course I could never beat a pretty sylvan lady, right? 8)
Coining contest! Conaria creamed me big time...
  • I got a call if I could help some poor folks who were rotting in the valley for some time. I was a bit doubtful I would be of big help, but valley is always a nice challenge.
    We made it to the second save cave with only minor casualities. The other fallens were reported to be one snell further east. What followed was a long and tendentious series of running, falling and chaining. Jeanne got a pretty good idea what was wrong *chuckle*.
Valley rescue - Jeanne pretty much nailed it down...8)
  • At one point we were reduced to only six standing exiles. However it did not look so bad anymore as some reinforcements arrived. The game contined for a while until at last all cave cobras were killed and the first snell was clear. Even all the original fallens were up by now and we continued to hunt our way out to town. This worked out very well and we got a bunch of very nice skins and even found an angry mother sasquatch in our way. Unluckily I was not the one that recovered that 127c skin and all I got was a bad tag of the AMS itself. 8)
A remarkable skin and an angry mother sasquatch!
  • Some other nice thing happened lately! One of the strongest Zo' from Edaria arrived at last in Puddleby. A big yay to Vandergroth! He may have lost some of his skill on his long journey, but he intends to be back at full strength soon 8)

Wooh! Welcome to Vandergroth!

I want to remind on the Orga Camping III!
The date is pretty much set by now and the application forms should be available very soon! Don't miss this big OOC meeting near Munich, Germany in August, 2003. Even non-Edarians are welcome! 8)

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