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Beating Dred Passage!

 28 Summer 551 (07 September 2003)

  • How time passes! Again I was not able to come out of the lib a lot, but I still remember some great hunting a little while ago. Even when some hunts are not great, but even tiny - I came to northern plains for a rescue and stayed with Maxibus to get some artak furs. We were attacked by a lot of packs - rarely I have seen so good spawns there! Good we brought skea 8)
    And I have been with a pretty strong group in the cove area. Took us a while, but eventually we got it cleaned out. Har! Even managed some pretty jump to safety 8)
Some low and high level hunts!
  • Ok, now it gets interesting! I got invited to help to restore Zortons business of Foothills Travels Inc. Somehow he lost his previous teleporter mark to the foothills and so this convenient shortcut was no longer available. So a huge group gathered to find the foothills the traditional way - through Dred Passage!
    We headed out from meadow, breezed through snaggy and even took Hatred Hollows at the first time. (Like usual, these days 8)

Hatred Hollows welcoming as ever...
  • We arrived at the trainers grotto and there I learned that a new pathfinder path was discovered, which leads directly deep into the orga outback, saving us loads of time. But only the very best trained pathfinders were able to open it. And it proves we are very good in forming lines 8)

Line up for the shortcut! (And Sagramor looks certainly good for his age! 8)
  • After passing the orga outback we arrived in the cavern which leads to the Dred Passage. I was never there so far and I soon found out why this was considered one of the hardest places in the lands. Yor explained the situation and laid out a nice plan. First were to do fighter runs and everyone has to take care not to get to fallen. And Yor proved that concept soon after! 8)
Proper instructions are important! 8)
  • Within the passage we set up two rod points and moved slowly southwards. After several tries we reached at last a passage to a somewhat safer section where we could recover a bit. And there was also the entrance to the foothills!

Our venture through Dred Passage! Yikes!
  • Now Zorton could set his mark again and will be able to teleport to the foothills again! (I have heard about another expedition a few days later - which unfortunately failed.. Has Zorton lost his mark again?)
    Our group divided - some went home while the others stayed to hunt the place. We went on up to Camp Dred and had a lot of very nice furs and plenty of fun! Great trip and a big success for all! Yay!
Coin-whoring in the foothills and making Zorton happy!

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