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 52 Summer 551 (12 September 2003)

  • Hey, I had again the chance (and time) to go to Kizmias Isle! Thats quite rare and I was more than happy to join a very capable group NightBird organized. We had several hours of daytime left as we started, as we wanted not to run into nightfall, because of the much stronger lyfe then.
    But as dangerous as the lyfe is Dana! First she wanted to bathe me, and as she was not able to get my fur, she chained me into a campfire!! Luckily all the burn spots are gone by now. Bad Dana!
No amount of detha helps to be save from Dana!
  • Our group did a great job! We had only to retreat once or twice and even managed a pack of three valley panthers. Not to mention the great coins! My skea did pay off very nicely - but it really hurts to miss the very best furs. And then we decided to go underground - I never was within the KI tunnels and was quite curious what will await us.
Great hunting outdoors - lets try the underground, too!
  • We followed the tunnels what felt like for hours. We had no trouble dealing with the lyfe we encountered. Only once we found two Starbucks, which gave some short pain. Then we arrived in some great cavern, where in the middle a sleeping lyfe named Groar lived. He seemed to guard some great statue, which purpose is entirely unknown. Also in another room nearby there was a floating tetrahedron - and as Usagi, who believes himself as being lava-proof (which he is not!), tried to touch it, Talin shared the wide belief that reaching the thing will give a whole rank! I was tempted only for a few seconds...8)
Yikes! What are these things??
  • As now the daylight grew shorter we headed more north again, but still had time to pay the creek cabin ranch a visit. There I found a swimming lyfe which looked very ridiculous and also a nice flock of sheep. But who is tending them?
    Next we crossed some scarmis area and soon reached the well known caves of the boat-builder. Wow, that was great trip! The payout was over 900 coins for each and I got like two and a half ranks. Thanks a lot, hope to find the time to go more often! 8)
Coming home through the creek cabin ranch.

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