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 27 Autumn 551 (28 September 2003)

  • Last zordiac I had reported about that exciting foothills trip Fundin organized. And I hear the next one is scheduled soon! But for now back to the usual hunting!
    Here I got invited by Yor to help Rincewind to reach the ethereal forge, where he wanted to do some "business". There I learned that I was supposed to own an ethereal amulet, so I could cross some barriers. The alternative was to get chained... still, hearning Yor asking Sabbit to kill me made me a bit uneasy!
On a trip to the ethereal forge Yor orders Sabbit to kill me!
  • However, the plan worked well and we reached the forge without problems. Rince was happy and then we stayed a bit to do some hunting for raw ethereal thingies, which name I could not remember! 8)
    As we were not exactly successful Koji freaked out and undressed. But this was not bad enough, so he also went berserk! I spare you all the details.. Yuk!! 8)
Arriving at the forge and Kojiro going berserk!
  • On another trip I was lucky to join a fun group and we went to Melabrions Isle. We found not a single sas, but a pack of boloks. Pity them...they lasted for about three seconds. So up to the next stop, Kizmia Isle waters, where we found several megamouths and bunch of toises.
Furs are better than naval battles!
  • We rushed through KI cove then, and then I helped Dongle a bit silenty to extract a most impressive 102 coin fur! Very nice Dongle! Otherwise we did not really find much resistance, so we decided to go back to MI and try ourselves on the keep. We did battle some mud golems and had some minor drawbacks. By chance then PTF (Puddleby Task Force) came through and we had time to recover. As there was nothing left to fight then, we just headed home. Still a nice trip - thanks to everyone! 8)
Luck outwitting Skea!

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